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Mladá Boleslav, Bondy

We are constantly working on expanding the store network in order to offer the best service to as many as possible customers.

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Special opening hours for our shops: Zlín Školní; Prague Smíchovské nádraží; Brno Masarykova; Prague Lazarská; Prague Letná, Prague Tylovo náměstí, Prague Atrium Karlovo náměstí; Olomouc Pavelčákova:

Sunday November, 11th, 2019 - Closed

The opening hours of other McPen stores are derived from the opening hours of the respective shopping center.

Prague, Chodov

We are constantly working on expanding the store network in order to offer the best service to as many as possible customers.

Where to find us

OD Kotva

Náměstí Republiky 8
113 88 Praha 1


Masarykova 439/9

Ústí nad Labem
OC Forum

Bílinská 3490 / 6
400 01 Ústí nad Labem

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McPen store network is a major distributor of leading Czech as well as international manufacturers of school and office supplies.

The product portfolio further includes cards and gifts, supplies for creative crafts, party and picnic supplies, photo accessories, and a range of luxury fine writing instruments.
McPen carries the best known brands including (but not limited to) Herlitz, Centropen, Koh-i-noor, Pentel, Pilot, Parker, Pelikan, Stabilo, Pritt, Maped, Snopake, SusyCard, Albi, Argus and many others.

Our locally unusual concept of product presentation – simply well-arranged categories of individual product groups – is enhanced with an excellent customer service in the field of advisory.

We are constantly working on expanding our store network in order to provide the best service to as many customers as possible providing them with the joy of shopping.

We do not think that the only mission of business is to sell. We believe that any deal must bring benefits to both parties involved.

The customer benefits from the purchase of a quality product for a fair price.  We enjoy not only the benefit of selling but also we enjoy pleasing our customers.  
Building trust between the customer and the seller takes a long time and does not happen overnight. We do everything possible to gain trust of our customers. We understand that our service does not end with the final sale. Therefore we provide our customers with additional added value, such as school readiness, accelerated sales return procedure and so on.

Our goal is not to be the cheapest; we want to sell the best possible quality and will always strive for the best.

We will never sacrifice the quality for the price. Therefore you will always find only the products of proven brands at McPen and we will always fight against the inexpensive substitutes which deceive our customers. If we sell the quality, we have to have the expertise. We make sure our employees possess an extensive knowledge of product portfolio.


Employees are for every company the most valuable asset. Only an employee who is happy at his or her work he can pleasantly satisfy customers.

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Our suppliers

Albi Aladine Argus Bagmaster Baloušek Tisk Bobo Belle Satin Centropen Filofax Concorde Colorino Herlitz Koh-I-Noor Lamy Lowlands Maped MFP Moleskine Nekupto Oxford Parker Pelikan Pentel Pigna Pilot PP Pritt Snopake Stabilo Stewo Tesa Tradag Trendhaus Zdravá lahev Zoetzl Coocazoo Step by Step Cross