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Letní tábor Janovka



Zlín Film Fest 2017

Příměstský tábor 2017

In the footsteps of dinosaurs on the lookout tower of the Jizera Mountains.

For children aged 4 - 9 years.

5 days of organized program led by experienced managers.ětský-koutek-a-kavárna-855127787844977/

Dobrá srdce

The Endowment Fund was established good hearts to help the sick children and single parents in their difficult life situations.

Zlin Movie Festival 2016

Zlín Film Fest 2015

Within the Zlín Film Festival, held in 2015, we again supported the event "Joy of Creating" which is organized for the blind and visually impaired children and other action which we have been a partner of the "Painting on the sidewalk," where all paint the children and their parents according to their own imagination.

Mateřské centrum rákosníček

Civic association whose mission is to strengthen the role of family, parenting and relationships mezigneračních. Association helps parents on maternity and parental leave to come out of isolation.

Andělé bez Křídel

A civic association that helps children with disabilities and their families.

Zlin Movie Festival 2014

In 2014 McPen supported a creative event „Crafts Are Fun“ as a part of the festival. The event was aimed for handicaped children (blind or very limited eyes sight). During the event it became very evident and clear that the handicaped girls and boys could do magic with all the paper and colors. We have also supported another event at the festival which is sidewalk painting. This event is aimed for all children and their parents who enjoy drawing and painting to release their fantasies and decorate the streets of Zlin.

Dům tří přání

Dum Tri Prani is a non profit organization with the mission to provide all round help to children and familes who face an emergency situation. The goal of the engagement is to allow the children to grow up safely and in their own family.

Zlín Film Festival 2013

The Zlin Film Festival is one of the oldest of its kind in the world as it provides mainly children and youngsters with a colorful list of different films and supporting events.

Galerie Umění pro děti 2012 Příběhy pro Davídka

A non profit organization founded with the goal to foster the affinity of children towards art. The main objective is to properly undersand the underlying factors of children’s thinking in their early stage of development and help to to disetangle from the nowadays understanding of mass culture. The gallery also holds different charity exhibitions with the objective to help ill and handicapted children.

Letní dětský tábor
Janovka 2012

An association of young people (mostly highschool students and college studnets) who care about how children spend their leisure time during their summer breaks. They learn new skills in Sluknov Hook as a part of summer camp games.

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