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Customer Service

Are you our customer and the schoolbag you had purchased from us just broke down?

Then come to any McPen store and we will lend you another schoolbag for the duration of the complaint procedure process for FREE.

Schoolbag will be lend in the event of a schoolbag complaint procedure purchased via the network of McPen stores the Czech Republic. For this occasion we have reserved special schoolbags which are always available for our customers.

How to proceed?

  1. Visit any McPen store in the Czech Republic.

  2. Our staff will walk you through the complaint procedure process and will offer the chance of renting schoolbag for FREE during the complaint procedure.

  3. Should you decide to use our schoolbag service, our staff will fill the schoolbag loan form with you.

  4. You will be informed about the settlement of the complaint by the telephone or an e-mail.

If we want sell quality, we have to have the expertise. We make sure that our employees possess an extensive knowledge of product portfolio.

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+420 724 001 087

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