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The stationery shops network McPen is an important distributor of leading Czech and world producers of school and office supplies.

In the assortment, the customer will also find greeting cards and gift items, supplies for creativity, party and picnic, photos and accessories and an assortment of luxurious writing instruments.

Some of the best known brands that it presents include Herlitz, Centropen, Koh-i-noor, Pentel, Pilot, Parker, Pelikan, Stabilo, Pritt, Maped, Snopake, SusyCard, Albi, Argus, and many others.

In the Czech Republic, the unconventional concept of product presentation, in clearly and well arranged categories of individual product groups, is complemented by an emphasis on top customer service in the field of consulting.

We constantly work on expanding our sales network so that we are able to offer the best possible service to as many customers as possible and make them happy with shopping.


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Síť papírnictví McPen se opět rozšířila! V pátek 4.5. jsme otevřeli novou prodejnu v NC Fénix v Praze. Věříme, že se vám bude líbit!