Customer service

Tell us what you want. And we’ll make it for you. We always look for inspiration for perfect customer service and where else than from you, our customers. Thank you for your suggestions.

School emergency

Come to any McPen store and we will lend you a school bag for FREE during the complaint procedure..

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Copy centre

In the selected stores we will copy your documents or print the requiered files from the memory stick on our professional colour photocopiers. The copy centre can be found in stores in Pardubice and Prague - OC Novodvorská Plaza.

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Packaging machine

In the time of preparing for the new school year, in the selected stores we will wrap everything that will be needed exercise books, books and whatever is needed. You can find the packaging machine in stores in Kladno, Zlín and Prague - Novodvorská Plaza.

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Do you need any help?

Do you need to ask anything? Contact our customer service. Just send us a form. We're here for you.

Otevřeli jsme pro Vás novou prodejnu Fénix Praha

Síť papírnictví McPen se opět rozšířila! V pátek 4.5. jsme otevřeli novou prodejnu v NC Fénix v Praze. Věříme, že se vám bude líbit!